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About front differential bearings for Mercedes  Benz 2006-2012 ML, GL and R Series.

The Problem: Does your 2006-2012 ML, GL, or R series vehicle
have a horrendous noise coming from the
front of the vehicle that increases in volume
as you accerlerate?
Or has your
2006-2012 Mercedes Benz, ML, GL, or R series vehicle
been diagnosed as needing a replacement front differential?

Most mechanics, and the dealers will want to replace the

entire front differential, when all that's needed is new bearings.
This is because Mercedes doesn't sell parts to repair the differential.
Here's the diagram the parts department sees when they look up the front differential!
The cost for a new front differential exceeds $4000

and the labor is likely to be $1000 or more.

The solution: Purchase bearings and find a shop that has experience with repairing differentials.
We've sold bearings to repair shops across the USA so if you need help
finding a shop, please contact us!

The result: total repair cost about $800 vs $4K-$6K !
I had the work done myself by a shop in San Jose CA, for $500!


 Timken Holographic Seal
Every bearing has a serial number, and holographic seal

The problem lies primarily with the high failure rate of the carrier bearing KLM503349 which is made in Poland.

The solution to the problem of the Polish bearing
is to replace it with the superior quality counterpart LM503349.
This configuration is approved by Timken and hundreds of vehicles have been
repaired using this configuration including my own personal vehicle, a 2006 ML350!

Here's a pic of a failed bearing-
Bad bearing

You can order the bearings directly here at lowest prices possible, OR if you wish you can
order from the ebay store. 

Without the overhead of Ebay, we're able to offer the BEST prices directly here on !
I have a 
100% Positive feedback and have been a seller since 1999.
You can feel confident your order will be our utmost priority!
Please allow just one business day to process your order
and it will be on it's way. Tracking info will be provided via email.
All major credit cards accepted!
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